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    Doug Langley

    I was hoping I was going to be able to apply to the BSN program at the end of the fall. However, will be shy of 1 prerequisite. However, if all goes well with TEAS and last 2 prerequisites can apply to an Associate program end of the fall. Then admission will pend on if I pass AP2 in the Spring.

    The Associate program is highly competitive compared to the BSN program. I know I shouldn’t dwell on the prospects of not getting accepted.

    I am going to apply early next year to the State LPN program as a backup plan. It’s an intense accelerated program 5 days a week and 12 month’s. It’s relatively inexpensive only $12K. However, the private programs are a lot more flexible, but expensive $30K. It’s usually 3 days a week in the evening and 24 months long. Think private program will be a last resort.

    Have a friend in the State LPN program and they say it’s overwhelming. They are working 16 hour’s outside of the program and hace a hard time keeping up.

    Actually think LPN is a better option than Associates. My work only takes LPNs and BSNs. So with an Associates I have to leave, but LPN can work towards my BSN never leave my job.

    The other option looking at is a PTA program, which wold be a back up of a back up. I have all the prerequisites completed as well as the TEAS. All I have to do is do 20 hours of job shadowing in the Summer and apply in the Fall of next year for the Spring program.

    An LPN makes maybe a little less an hour in our State. Also noticed a lot of LPN job’s in neighboring states.

    One job I found was an LPN job with a $2,000 sign on bonus and free tuition if eligible for an Associate program.

    Anyone in an LPN program here?

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    Doug Langley

    was mulling over money and long term goals. Since I already have a bachelors if I did my associate jump into a TN to MSN program. Overall cost about $50L for both programs. Now if I did the LPN probably be about the same roughly. Because ADN program is half the cost and be 1 extra year.

    I make $23 an hour as a psych tech. My pay maxes out in 8 year’s at $30 an hour. I am looking to work in corrections. My friend works corrections they have 10 openings she says on average being there 2 year’s makes $60K a year, but $80K with OT. Second year with OT made $100K and she basically is getting a free ride in advancing her education.

    Our State is one pushing for all nurses to have their BSN by 2020. Haven’t gone as extreme as our neighboring state that nurses in nursing homes and rehabs looks for nurses to have their BSN, but reaching that point.

    It seems more LPN and BSN jobs than associate degree nursing jobs. So I am mulling it over its a tough call the market could change in a year who knows.

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    I am an LPN currently in an associate program. I don’t regret the track I chose, because I gained experience as a nurse that has been invaluable to me during my current program. I have had many of my fellow classmates tell me that they wish they had become an LPN first. I would say take the fast track, the 1 year option. It’s tough but to me more sustainable than dealing with it for two solid years. Hope this helps and good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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