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    Does anyone have any info on the online LPN to BSN through The College Network and Indiana State University? I am seriously considering starting this program soon but have seen some online reviews about students being scammed. But I can not find any concrete evidence on what they are actually being scammed about. All I can get is that they feel they are paying too much money for what they actually get. However, I have been told my total upfront from start to finish. Just needing some insight!!!!!


    Look at excelsior.edu. They are an accredited program. I have heard very bad things about the college network and I am currently taking courses through excelsior. I am happy with the program so far. Good luck

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    I was also considering Indiana University but after a lot of consideration I decided not to. I am unsure if they are accredited or not and they claim to have no waiting list, that you can start whenever you want. To me it just seemed too good to be true. In addition to that I thought it was kind of expensive, I was quoted $25,000 and I currently have my LPN and the majority if not all of my generals done. I guess I don’t have any concrete facts either except that I haven’t heard of it before and they have not offered a success rate of passing students, that kind of thing. I guess I ditched them as an option because it seemed like something was off and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Not sure if this helps!


    I am a LPN as in right now working in long term care. I absolutely love the residents and providing the care they deserve but the administration, can get in the way of feeling I am doing my best. I am wanting to Persue a different avenue in nursing and have giving much thought as of lately. I would really love to go straight for my BSN. Of course with the economy, it takes two incomes to make ends meet so I still need to work full time. I do have some generals done and I was quoted $37k for college network. It does seem too good to be true. Being online is the way to go with having to balance work,family and school. I just wish I knew it was legit! Any help would be appreciated on which way to go

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 9 total)

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