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    LPNs we need to unite as one in the USA. We are nurses too. When they say professional nurse, they are not talking about LPN/LVN. I know we are professional, hell we pay our fees to practice nursing.
    RNs are uniting in the USA, National Nurses United is their union. In California RNs have gotten better pay, benefits and retirement plans. Most of all a better nurse to patient ratio. In Med-Surg one RN to 4 patients, on the skilled floor, one nurse and 5 patients.
    In the nursing home LPNs have 30,40 and 60 patients depending on the shift. This dangerous for the patients and puts our licenses on the line. LPNs we need to unionize in the USA. We need a union to represent us at state and government level. LPNs we have been silent to long. We are the back bone of these nursing homes- and now is the time to unionize.


    I have been less than impressed with the two nursing unions I have been in, and am even less impressed with my current union, which includes grocery workers. I think LPNs should get together and approach the RN union at their facility and see if they can join that … the union will appreciate the extra dues and the only language change will be having a different pay scale for various years of service … all of the other language could be applied to LPNs as well as the RNs, and they will end up with a better deal. I have worked in places where LPNs were with the CNAs, and their language for paid days off, less than rest, etc, was not nearly as good as the RNs contract.

    I’m in favor of unions, just disappointed with the ones I have been in so far, but I really think LPNs would be better off if they could get in on the RN contract as opposed to going it alone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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