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    The shift was hectic with falls and transfers and the regular med pass and documentation, among these there was this hypoglycemic patient who I administered glucagon myself. Would like to know if the skill of taking a blood glucose test on a patient under these circumstances be done by an LVN working as a CNA in a facility. If this is not allowed what would the consequences be for the LVN and the CNA involved. Thank you.


    If a LVN is working as a CNA and does something a CNA can not do, but only an LVN can do (glucagon shot, etc). You can get in trouble for working outside your scrope of practice. Even though you are qualified, you are not being employed in that capacity, and the hospital malpractice insurance will throw you under the bus if something goes wrong.


    I’m not sure where u are, but a LPN can not legally work as a CNA, according to my states nurse practice act. You can’t legally work below your licensure.


    In my state you can work below your license. It is legal – we have RNs working as LPNs and LPNs working as CNAs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 16 total)

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