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    In our facility we have our CNAs collect and record our patient’s vital signs. I noticed one day that two of our CNAs were charting down their vitals without actually taking them. Should I report them or talk to them first?


    I would talk with them first … most problems can be resolved by going to the person directly. If there are other flaws in their work and you want them fired, then go to the boss about them, as falsifying a chart will get them out the door pretty quickly in most places.

    That is also why I chart “WNL” when I chart vitals … it can be “within normal limits” or “we never looked.” 😉


    This is a big pet peeve of mine! I have to tell you I have caught more then a dozen CNA’s doing this. As a rule of thumb if my patient has been running a temp or has has a change in condition I get the vitals myself. As far as talking to them I would however beware they some will just hide it better next time unfortunately.

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    You should just talk to them.. I noticed one of my CNAs making up the vital signs as well and I jokingly called him out on it in front of the other CNAs especially cause all his vitals ended with zero he turned super red and now I always see him taking vitals for me (note my cnas and I have a very good work relationship)… I also enforce to all of them that if something is out of range to report it to me then I go and do them myself.. Like someone above mentioned it can usually be taken care if by talking to the person.. Unless they are one of those notoriously lazy cnas in that case you have to figure something else out :/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 39 total)

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