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    What do you think about malpractice insurance? …is it worth getting? ..what company to go with? I have been thinking about it but not sure where to start. Thank you for your help.
    ~ Jen


    My first job instructed me to get it as they admitted they would distance themselves away from me as far as they could if I ever got sued (I appreciated the honesty). After that job, I just felt like having it put a big target on my back. People want to go after the deep pockets. Nobody is going to sue a dirty poor old fat man … but they sure would if I had a million dollar malpractice coverage. I’ve gone 18 years without setting foot in the courtroom over anything nursing related, so I’m not convinced it is a good thing, unless you are an NP.


    I have always carried my own policy. I had a student policy through NSO while in school, which I converted to full coverage when I started working. I think I pay ~$100 per year for a $6million aggregate policy ($1mil per claim, up to 6 claims). I have never needed it, thankfully, but if I do I will be glad I had it. Small investment for peace of mind.


    I was required to get it to be a clinical nurse instructor. I have it through NSO. They are good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 9 total)

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