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    Hi All,
    I am in a conundrum. I am a nurse working preop/pacu in a respiratory department with no nursing leadership. Recently, I was approached that the leadership wants me to change my hours, hours I was hired into, because another nurse no longer wants to work the hours she wants to works. She has been doing this shift for years and also works these hours in another department (where she picks up OT but does not do OT for her home unit). This same nurse dictates how she will work, She places herself on call (and during my orientation did this and I had to sit in an office for 9 hours due to not being able to do patient care), she comes in late (with no reprimand) and even falls asleep at work. I have pictures of her sleeping. Management is aware of all of the above but still allow her to do as she pleases. On top of the, the manager here has yelled at me and others and brought us to tears. She is very hostile, rolls her eyes at us, interrupts us, and belittles us. And when we bring complaints to her she does nothing!!!
    They have now asked me to work the late shift (during times we do not have patients which I will potentially be sent home and lose pay or PTO). Due to my situation, I carpool and I would have to come in at 7a and wait to clock in at 9a. My boss told me this is time I can do work on committees, but cannot clock in until 9a.
    WHAT DO I DO??? I was hired for a shift, have been working that shift, and now they want me to change because this nurse doesn’t want to work it anymore. My manager wants detailed reasons as to why I refuse. Do I need to tell her other than they fact this nurse is a bully? I feel that if I do not agree, I will be fired. HR has gotten involved but they are disinterested and told me to work it out. I have no nurse leadership!!
    Please help with any suggestions,


    Sorry to hear this. Sounds like a tough situation. You must feel supported in order to feel safe and comfortable at work. In addition you must be supported if you are bringing forth issues that can compromise patient safety. A nurse sleeping while on duty is placing his/her patients at risk. As a manager I take this very seriously and have a consistent approach. Sleeping is a major infraction of our code of conduct and leads to a final warning. Once one person is held accountable others get the message. You need to work where leaders are transformation as well. These types of leaders work wit the nurses to make sure they understand why they are doing what they do as well as have their own voice to bring to the table. In addition if you were hired into a specific job with hours then you have a right to keep those hours. I would suggest you speak to Human Resources to bring this to their attention. Good luck to you and maybe start looking for a Magnet Organization to work for!


    Hi Colorado,
    I have to say that one of the biggest challenges for me as a nurse is not my patient/nurse relationship but the dynamics with peers and the rest of the team. As I have struggled through the years, there are always new things I am learning about dealing with difficult people. I am in therapy to deal with trauma, PTSD and to learn to have better relationships. Your situation does sound like it would be difficult and I might even choose to find another job rather than deal with this bizarre behavior in the work environment.
    I will suggest that I recently read the book Verbal Judo which was helpful to me. I also employ various self protection visualizations such as an invisible force field to provide a healthy boundary between my own energy and that of others. You can read about some of this at I encourage you to find healthy ways to build stronger relationships or at least interact in a way which isn’t making the situation worse in the midst of some obviously dysfunctional team dynamics.
    I also want to remind you that you do not know what your coworker has going on. She may have been written up for sleeping on the job. She may be related to the CEO. Just because none of us could ever get away with what is going on doesn’t mean that she isn’t having consequences.
    Since your boss has asked for a detailed explanation as to why you don’t want to switch shifts, perhaps try to write positive things about how much you enjoy the shift you work and focus on how you are succeeding at your position. In Verbal Judo, the art is to see things from the other’s perspective and convince them based on what you know to motivate them. Although the book isn’t really completely what I need as I certainly can’t put people in handcuffs or taze them if I don’t get my way, there are some helpful ideas to being empathetic and then trying to motivate based on words which are relevant to the other. Best of luck! I would be in therapy if I were you.

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