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    There is some confusion at my job in regards to what is a medication error. Meeting these nurses which had been a pleasure. However, to my understanding a medication error is when it has been administered at the wrong time through wrong route given to the wrong patient and at the wrong dosage and had been documented wrong… am I right?, Well if I am. why am I being told if this has never happened during trading that by being nervous and confused based on a lack of communication on what I am suppose to do that I have made over 2 medication errors? when nothing had been administered. while reading something incorrectly I was being corrected and by that to them is cause for a medication error. They know I am new and that was my first day hands on. I feel like reading something incorrectly and asking for clarification with these nurses are bad to do. I feel like I can’t ask questions in order to get out right. I feel like if there was anything I didn’t understand I would ask. They feel that I wouldn’t have asked and that I just would’ve went along with administering it if I was there on my own. I tried to reassure them that’s not what I would do. I believe that’s not what any nurse would do if something was misunderstood. which happens everyday based on the way prescriptions are sometimes written. But since these three misunderstanding have taken place over the course of two weeks of lack of communication and improper training I may be fired after just getting hired. I haven’t even gotten a chance to prove I can do anything but yet I was still in training.


    A medication error is an error made in any of the steps required, from reading the order to actually administering the medicine. That is why you check each vial or package three times during the process to make sure you are giving the right thing and catch and avoid any potential orders.

    I would say that you questioning an order would count as catching, clarifying, and fixing a potential error, and that is a good thing. I think your co-workers who are giving you grief over it are the type of nurses who eat their own young. Sorry you have to work with people who are more interested in pointing out how poorly you are doing instead of teaching you how to become better.

    You will always have nurses like this, but it doesn’t sound like you are going to get a good orientation at this particular job, and a good orientation/preceptorship is very important for a new nurse to have, so you might want to start looking somewhere else for employment. Either they are going to fire you or they will not be providing what you need to grow as a nurse, so move on when you can. Always keep an up to date resume on hand and don’t be afraid to send it out and practice your interview skills. Even if you are offered another job that isn’t what you want, you don’t have to accept it, but the interview practice is good, and it doesn’t look like you are going to find a worse environment for your first job.

    Good luck.


    I had this same problem where I am working. I was a new grad, given 1 day of orientation on paperwork, 1 day watching a nurse pass meds and then was told that I was the supervisor for the entire facility from then on. I made numerous errors, have been threatened with dismissal (not all errors were med errors) and basically have felt like I have been fighting to keep my job the entire time I have worked there, which has been a year and a half. I have been looking for another job. Right now, I feel that I have become proficient in my job and my ability to do it well. However, it has been all self-taught or taught by getting written up for things. Some things were just silly. I have been told that I should “know these things because you are an RN”. I have tried explaining that not everything is taught in nursing school, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Every nurse that has come after me has received weeks of orientation and they are still making errors. I don’t get it. I never will. These nurses definitely eat their young. My experience as a nurse so far has been pretty awful. The thing is…I love the actual job. I just hate the politics of it. I wish there was a way to feel good about going to work. I am looking for a new job, but the market here is saturated due to the high numbers of nursing programs in the area. I don’t know what to do, either.

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    I agree with Jason’s feedback.
    Yikes, it sounds like you ladies are working amongst sharks. Send out those Resumes, girls! You do not have to take that type behavior.

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