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    I am needing some input. I recently signed a settlement agreement with the Missouri Nursing Board and my license has been put on probation. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. Did it severely hinder any future employment? How did you go about telling future employers of this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Depends on the cause? Why? drugs? I would say it depends on the reason for the probation. If you repent, then it should be over. Unless it is printed, can it ever be expunged? Nobodies business if u have changed & expunged, if not, then I guess u just tell the truth. If it’s drugs, esp. If u let a pt. Suffer, that isn’t cool. Good luck. If it is easy? Then move on & shut your mouth forever about it!


    In WA that will show on your credential search forever, so you will need to be able to defend yourself. I know one person who had her criminal record expunged by the governor of the state, but short of that, it is going to follow you. I also know nurses with state actions against their licenses who have gone on and found other jobs without too much effort, but some are carreer ending. Really depends on what the details are. Good luck.


    You can currently work with a license under probation, but if you are looking for work, they most likely won’t hire you until the probationary period is over. You are considered a risk. The employer may be able to see if your license has ever been suspended, on probation, etc & you will have to come clean about the “why.” What I do not know, is for how long it stays on your reviewable record for future employers. My advice to you is if you are currently employed, stay for as long as you can to prove your good behavior, etc. You can call & talk to your licensing board to ask all these questions too.

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