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    I dont want to go into too much detail about work cause I dont want to seem like I am complaining. I just would like to get some motivation.

    I work night shift and have at least 7 patients to start and then get a ton of admissions through the night, all the while not having an aide, so you do everything for your patients. This is not looking like it is changing any time soon. I feel angry and frustrated because all of my friends do not have higher patient loads (they have 4-5 patients) and they have staff on their floor. At times when I wanna have a breakdown at work but cant cause I dont have time to even think about anything, just do-do-do, I have a picture in my head of how my friends are relaxing at their leisure pace of getting things done.

    My friends tell me what its like in their areas. Some say its easy where they are. Others describe their worst day (it doesnt even compare) and then are shocked when I talk about one of my regular nights. Part of me is like if I can handle this, it will make me stronger, stronger than even my friends cause they havent had to face this stuff. The other part is saying – great you have faced it and did it, how much longer do you need to keep on? at some point it goes past proving something to yourself toward just plain out torturing yourself.

    I am waiting 6 more months before I can leave but I am just needing some advise to keep me going cause every time I go to work I dread it.

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    I totally understand your frustration on this because I have walked in your shoes for the past several years and it sucks! Honestly I admire your determination to hang in there but working with that many patients is simply not safe. It does not benefit the patient or nurse to work with those ratios. I would find another position on another floor (maybe one of those your friends work on) or another facility all together. When a patient dies, or you are sued, no one is going to care that you were understaffed and over worked. You are a professional, and you should know that those ratios are unsafe so you should not take the assignment on the grounds of patient safety. We can’t change some facilities and their staffing ratios, but we don’t have to participate in the madness. Run, don’t walk to another job and you will find so much will be lifted from you be cause you can sit back and listen to the other nurses complain over their 4-5 ratios and know you could do that standing on your head. Yes, it does make you stronger, yes, you are working your heart out, but let something happen, and you will be standing alone with no license and no job all because your facility felt money was more important than patient safety. Good luck.


    Lisa makes a good point. My first hospital job was at a big hospital tele unit. It was 5 patients per nurse, total care. LPNs had their own full assignments, but weren’t allowed to call the physician about anything, so we would have to learn about their patients before calling for them if something was going wrong. Had ventilators and q2h CVP checks (with the glass tube since we had no in room monitors), post open hearts with wires still sticking out of their chests, etc. It was too much. Thankfully, I don’t think I killed anyone there, but life was so much better when I moved to a small hospital ICU. Patients weren’t as sick and it was 2:1 instead of 5:1. Working at a big facility has some advantages and you get to see some cool things, but I would much rather work at a small facility with better ratios.

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    Amy Garside

    motivation is our wind to keep on sailing!

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