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    I am scheduled to graduated in June and will take my NCLEX soon after (RN) and then move to a different state. (not a compact state unfortunately).

    Would it be better to register in the state I plan to work or register in the state I went to school and currently live in then transfer?

    Thank you!


    It has been a long time since I have moved from state to state, and even longer since I took the NCLEX and got my first license, but if you know you are moving to another state, I don’t think it really makes much sense to get your license in the state you went to school. Personally I think each state has it’s own board of nursing just to make money off of licensing, but that is a different rant. Get your license in the state you will be living and working is my suggestion.

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    I would say it depends on many factors. How long after you graduate will you actually move? I personally wanted to to take the NCLEX immediately. I graduated in Pennsylvania but soon after moved to Delaware. I took my boards in Pa. and kept my Pa license. A license in Pa the first year is $45.00, a license in Delaware is $124.00. I decided to continue seeking employment in Pa, since I am very close, right over the state line. I was contemplating moving to Colorado where a license is just $24.00. So I would weigh everything out before you make a final decision.

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    Apparently I’m behind the times. When I graduated in 1978 we were only allowed to take “Boards” in the state where we graduated.

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