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    Good Afternoon everyone! I am new to this site and just want to post whats going on with me and any helpful advice 🙂 I live in the state of Florida and already attempted the NCLEX-RN three times & has been so heart breaking because it seems I will never pass! I have tried everything I believe and trying to find a different route to take. I have done kaplan, hurst, LaCharity, PassPoint, NCLEX-RN mastery, and little free question apps available. I am now trying to use Saunders 6th edition fully and review all other resources I have used in the past. I have tried one-one turtoring also but I did not feel she helped me at all! I applied for out of state as it seemed the fastest so waiting on the letter so I able to register with pearson. I have also decided I will do the remedial course as well that the state of FL requires because if I happen to be unsucessful out state I will be almost done with my remedial course and be able to test again in FL without having to transfer my license over. What do you all think >?


    Is it a case of not knowing the material or horrible test anxiety? During the two weeks before I took the NCLEX, all I did was answer practice questions. I did not look up how to study or have a tutor. When I got a question wrong, I looked up the correct answer and WHY it was deemed correct. Then I moved on to the next one. The night before the test I relaxed with my favorite meal and a cold beer. But… if you don’t get anything right, maybe nursing isn’t for you.

    On the other hand, if you suffer from test anxiety, I have an anecdote to share that may help you. My boyfriend is in a profession that must pass a national test in order to practice as well. He failed the exam 7 (yes, SEVEN) times. Finally he went to his doctor, who prescribed 2 Ativan tablets. He took the first one to see how he felt on it. 1mg was too strong. The night before the test he didn’t look at any test material and took 1/2 tablet. The next morning he took the other 1/2 tablet (that was the magic number to take the edge off, apparently) and…he passed! He knew the material all along (as I’m sure you probably do as well) but kept second guessing and psyching himself out. Maybe you could try that?

    I hope you pass and wish you luck.


    I passed my NCLEX on the third try. Truly after the 2nd time, I was bout ready to give up. I wanted to change fields because I would never pass. My family and friends were so supportive and truly believed this was my path. I took a small break trying to decide if I would try boards one more time. Then when I decided I would try again, I did two online version of Kaplan. I did so many others earlier like Hessi, Saunders, NCLEX Mastery, NCLEX 4000, and a few other books. My thing was I had the knowledge but I would get real anxious and over think and get the question wrong. I wrote down step by step how to answer questions like Kaplan wants. I then applied to my practice questions. I did all the practice tests and the qbank. Next I needed to focus on my mental status. I’ve had a few friends that went to go get anti anxiety medications before boards, but I didn’t want to take that route. Instead, my cousin introduced me to meditation. We did a class once a week for a month before boards. I’ve never felt more at peace. Then another friend told me the day before just focus on you, get a massage or your nails done and then at night write out your name, RN. This seriously will mentally bring up your confidence. The morning of I are breakfast, blasted my favorite music on the way there, ate my favorite candy bar before walking in. This was the most confident I have ever felt. And as soon as you are allowed to write on the white board, on top write your name, RN! Seriously! At any point during the exam you feel unsure or doubt yourself you look at your name with RN behind it. You know you can do it. Then I finally passed with 75! Good luck!

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    Regarding test anxiety: Ativan may make you “sleepy”. I swear by propanalol. I failed my 1st test miserably after using Kaplan. The next day, I enrolled in the Hurst review and used it exclusively. Propanlol + Hurst + good night’s sleep night before test #2= pass after 78 questions. BTW, I have major test anxiety r/from PTSD.

    Experiment before the well in advance of the next test by using whichever med (if any) you will use.

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