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    I graduated in 2010 and passed NCLEX. I have no RN work experience so I had to put my license in an inactive status. I know I have to do a refresher course to reactivate my license. My question is: should I do a LPN refresher and hopefully get a job (after taking NCLEX-PN)? or should I take RN refresher course? I am afraid that the first question an interviewer will ask me are ” Do you have any experience?” and “What have you done since you graduated nursing school?”. I tried to convince my self over these years and I am OK even if I don’t work as nurse. But every time I see nurses in stores or pass by hospital, it leaves me yearning to give nursing another go.

    My thinking of doing LPN is to get into the field to have confidence to do nursing skills in a less scary environment like long term facility where the patients are more stable. And hopefully after a while do the RN refresher course.

    Thanks in advance for any advice all you wonderful nurses will give me.

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    Okay, so first off, I have no clue where the notion came from that LTC is easy. I don’t mean that specifically to you, but in general. It is probably the hardest I ever worked anywhere.

    But anyway, you should take the refresher in what you studied. LPN is not an easier version of RN. It is still very difficult, but the focus is a bit different. I was an LPN before becoming an RN and I definitely did not have it easier in those yeara. Harder work, less pay, in my experience.

    So, what I am saying, is go for it! Go activate that RN. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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