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    I have a question that some of you could possibly give me advice on…I currently am a Medication Aid and I work in an Assisted Living Facility. My Assisted Living Facility only hires Medication Aides. I am currently working on applying to Nursing school for next fall, and although I do know it is a ways away, my question is that when I do become an LPN I do not want to stay at my current job, but not sure where to apply to to get experience as an LPN because when I become an RN my ultimate goal is to work in a Hospital. I guess what I am trying to ask is should I apply to a nursing home or a hospital that still allows LPNs so I can get the experience I need to help me when I become an RN? I would hate to start somewhere as an LPN and then quit after a year once I become an RN and go work where I have been aiming for the whole time. What advice can any of you give me??


    I would work as an LPN in the type of facility you want to work as an RN … if you can’t do that, work as an LPN anywhere you can. It is getting harder for new grads to find their first job, so a new grad with LPN experience is going to be better off than a new grad with no nursing experience. Good luck.

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    I am a current lpn working at a nursing home and almost done with my RN. Like you I want to work at a hospital ultimately where I can get more experience! Dont be afraid to work at a nursing home though! I think working at a nursing home helps with learning medications and you get used to bigger patient loads and teaches you time management! ! Either way, getting a job as a lpn is good for you no matter where you end up. The key is that you’ll have experience and it’ll help you in the long run.


    I would say get an LPN job anywhere you can. Most hospitals are phasing out LPNs and replacing them with RNs. Quite honestly, most places that hire only RN staff (hospitals) won’t count your LpN experience when looking at you for an RN position. It’s good to have but won’t put you ahead in line for an RN position. At least that’s true in the state I live in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)

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