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    I received this message … I don’t do neonatal any more than I have to in the ER. Any suggestions you can give to help out. In the ER, we figure more is better, but I know once they are admitted (transferred to a different hospital for us) weaning down off high flow O2 is important.

    This is the message I received, maybe someone can help?

    Hi @jason-hautalagmail-com I had a recent situation where there was some confusion with two saturation guidelines. The one was from a Neonatal Nursing Association that I belong to which recommends neonatal oxygen target saturations of 90 -94% and the other with a government doctor led association that recommends the older targets of 88-92%. The private hospital were I locum is in the process of phasing out the old for the new saturations because apparently babies are less likely to die when the target oxygen saturations are 90 -94%. The government hospital where I also locum is still referring to the old target saturations. It is my personal conviction that the 90-94% saturations are best for baby. Any suggestions?:)

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    I didn’t do Neonatal anymore than in the ER either, but I believe that the 90-94% is correct.
    Good Luck!


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    Thanks very much.
    In this case, the new 90-94% is not yet formal policy and thus we do not yet have a formal guideline for it. Just a doctor’s order. Would you feel comfortable in carrying out an order that was not yet official policy?

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    Jacob Mearse

    I’m doing more newborn stuff now that I’m in a CNM program, but even so, I’d just advise you that you should always practice the way the evidence points. I’ve been called to account for my actions by management before for such things, and I always did fine with a binder of published evidence in my hand.

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