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    Hi guys. Let me just give you a little history. I am a Male Nurse, and I graduated with my ADN back in December; I have been looking for work since I graduated. In August I began my BSN program and landed an RN job here in Southern California and began in classroom orientation this past Mon-Wed. Friday is my first on the floor day, and it’s a shadow day. I then begin Day 1 orientation Monday. I have been out of Nursing school for almost a year. I feel incompetent at this point. Like I don’t know my meds or anything for that matter. It’s not a matter of me being stupid, It’s pretty much the time out of practice. My question is, if this is a normal feeling for most new grads. I was hired into a Magnet hospital with my ADN and I feel very fortunate to even be given this opportunity. I feel anxious and excited, but more anxious that I wont know what the hell I’m doing. I need some hard truths, no sappy lies to make me feel better. Is this feeling of incompetency normal?


    In my humble opinion, nursing school is mostly a waste, and 99% of what I know was learned through on the job training. Review the systems and drugs for the patient type you will be working with, but just ask questions and study what you see each evening when you get home. You will learn so much more during your first year on the job than you ever did in nursing schoo.


    Thank you Jason for that. It puts my mind at ease when I think about where I will be in 6 months. I’m going to embrace this and go with it. I’ll become more competent with time. Thanks again.


    Don’t think you’re alone. I’m experienced and I’m facing something similar.

    I’ve worked in long term care nursing for over 7 years. 3 as a CNA/CMA, 3.5 as an LPN, and finally as an ADN since past December. I too have been applying like crazy trying to get hired at any hospital while working on my BSN in hopes of earning my DNP in a few years. Low and behold, the magnet hospital in my city just hired me this week to come work in their surgical oncology unit…on day shift!!! I walked out of my interview in the unit earlier this week knowing I would be learning SO much if they decided to go ahead and hire me, because let’s face it, long-term care can only teach so much! Even though it’s a cut in pay, I’m just grateful for getting hired at a magnet hospital, getting off of night shift for my daughter’s sake, and the opportunity to learn so much more.

    I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 9 total)

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