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    I am curious where everyone got their first job (EX: ER, ICU, medical floor, OR) what you liked about it and what you would do differently. I am really considering jumping right into the OR and I want to hear your thoughts.

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    Hi! I am an old timer RN for 44 years. Went to a diploma school, so had 3 months of OR/RRm as a student, did well there and just knew it was my LOVE. So I got my first job as an OR nurse right after graduating. Funny thing….I found I missed the interaction with the patient. In those days there were no pre-op rounds, teaching, post-op visits, etc like we see now. I eventually landed in OB….just in time for the revolution in women’s health with all kinds of nurse led education programs and of course the close interaction with the laboring family, the new PP family and new baby. I went on to work 30 years in women’s health. Funny thing…I HATED OB as a student (back in the time of “twilight sleep labors, fathers waiting rooms,etc). I now work geriatrics’s…another area I wasn’t too fond of when I was new to nursing. Advice: try not to let a pre-conceived opinion keep you from new experiences….

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    I’m still a new grad myself, less than a year as an RN, and I am currently working on PCU. It is very challenging, but I wouldn’t encourage any new nurse against it. I have learned so much. July will mark 1 year and I’m still trying to nail it all down..I’m very glad I decided to come here first because I feel like I will be ready for anything after this experience. I don’t think this will be my final stop, but it has given me experience with floor nursing; keeping everyone’s story straight, juggling 5 or so patients, being in charge of “running” the patients’ care for the whole day, keeping it documented, and so much more. I chose this route because I felt it necessary that I developed these skills now. 1-it’s fresh, 2-I will have the skills in my pocket wherever I end up.

    Granted, my life is different than yours. If you know the OR is where you want to be, or that you definitely don’t want floor nursing, then maybe you don’t need to worry about this. I was unsure of what area of nursing I wanted to go into. This experience has given me a better idea, with being exposed to a plethora of different things. Many nurses say you’ll try a bunch of different areas until you find the one you love, but who’s to say you don’t love the first one you try? Anyway, I don’t know how much this will help, but I wish you the best of luck – from one baby nurse to another! 🙂

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