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    I am a new grad LPN. Graduated in June and passed nclex in August. Just got my first nursing job in a family clinic 6 weeks ago. I am struggling SO hard to learn and keep up!!
    This is the hardest, most complicated and stressful job i have ever had!! I have severe anxiety disorder and am on medication but about 2 weeks ago I had a full blown anxiety/panic attack at work because i am so scared about this new job!! Its realising that nusrsing school did not teach me anything!!! I am having to learn everything totally new!! Im having a really hard time keeping up with the really fast pace of a doctors office and working with a doctor for the first time!! I feel so stupid sometimes because i dont know how to do some of the simplest things!! Then learning the phones and how to do scheduling and referrals and shots and EKGs and PFTs and ABIs and labs! Its just SO much to take in and to learn!! Its VERY OVERWHELMING!!!I am so scared they are gonna be like “ok shes an idiot”!!! But i am trying really hard and tring to learn as fast as i can!! I like this job, but i am just SO scared because it is so much resposibility and im worried that Im not gonna be good enough or cut out enough for this!!! Plus i have serious self confidence issues that i am dealing with so if anyone can help give me advise on how to cope or what to do i would appreciate it!! Thanks yall!!!

    Another new LPN

    I am also a new LPN as of August of this year and you are right, its the most overwhelming stressful job I have ever had. I have had my first nursing hob for almost 3 mths now and I can tell you that it does get better. Its always going to be stressful but you just have to tell yourself “Everyone had to learn this at some point” ” Everyone was slow and awkward at some point”. As long as you keep your patients best interest at heart, always do what’s in their best interest, and learn from your mistakes you will be fine. Remember that you aren’t perfect and this is new to you. The fact that you are even worried about not being good enough, to me, makes you sound like you care and that’s the basis of any food nurse. Keep your chin up

    Another new LPN

    Wow just realized how many blunders were in that answer haha. Sorry about that.


    I too graduated in June as an LPN. I got my first job before I even passed my NCLEX. (Some states allow a 90 day window between graduation and passing to start a job). For the first couple months I felt like the most incompetent person ever. I kept thinking “I should know this!” but I didn’t.
    Nursing school provides you with the basics you need to know for medicine. Diseases and concepts, some skills. But everything else, insurance and all that you have to learn on the job. Imagine cramming all that you’re learning into nursing schools already tight timeframe.
    But hold on. It gets better. If you have decent nurses and doctors around you, they will understand, because you’re new at this. They should help teach you.
    You aren’t a failure or anything like that. You’re just new. And it’s super frustrating, I know, but by the sounds of it you’re anxious to get things right, and you will.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 15 total)

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