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    I recently took (and passed!) the NCLEX and I am now looking for a job. I know I will need a strong résumé since I am a new nurse, the problem is I have no idea what experience I should put on it. The school from which I graduated is no help and I am ready to start working. I have been a STNA for 9 years so I have experience in long term care, which is where I am trying to work as a LPN. I am at an absolute loss and my brain is fried! Any and all advice on this would be awesome! Thanks!!

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    Congrats on passing! The internet is your friend for helping you write a resume. Use a search engine and find articles on writing a resume for a new LPN. There is a lot of help online for you.

    Your experience in long term care is some thing that you need to highlight in your resume.

    When finished, it should be 1 page with sections for your career objective, your work history, your education ( post highschool), any awards or honors you have received and contact information.

    Look at the key words that are present in the job description you are applying for and make sure those words are in your resume. If they say they are looking for a compassionate caregiver, make sure you list “compassionate giver” in your resume. Etc.

    It should be easy to read, not crowded. If you are not good at using a word program such as Word or pages, find a friend who is. Triple check it for spelling and grammar. Have a separate page for references ready to give, should the recruiter ask for them. Make sure you have the permission of the people you use for references.

    Print your resume on good paper, not the cheap stuff most of us have in our home printers. No fancy fonts, no colors other than black ink.
    Good luck!


    What Anne said. Also, research the facility you are applying to and include specific information in your cover let on why you want to work there (specifically there, not just in that type of facility,) and what experiences you have to bring to the table. A cover letter lets you brag yourself up a little and lets the employer know you know about the job you and facility you are applying to. Keep it short, less than one page. Proofread it well and cut out any ramblings (like you find in my posts.)

    Good luck and congrats.

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    When I was a new LPN even though I couldn’t give work experience as an LPN I still gave what experience I had in the medical field as a CNA, HHA, phleb, MA. It does matter. What I didn’t need to do though some did. They asked the instructors to write reference letters for them or the nurse you followed during internship. Always write a very brief letter thanking them for their attention giving to your resume’ and how you would appreciate the opportunity to be part of their team, and that you look forward to speaking with them soon. Make sure your letter starts with the “thank you” and ends with the “thank you”.
    Congrats on passing your NCLEX. Welcome to the world of nursing!!!!!! May your hands go beyond human expectancy!!!! 🙂 🙂 Yes YOU too will get that gross humor to you. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 18 total)

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