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    I have been an LPN for 42 years. My granddaughter recently became an LPN and finally got her first job. It was in a LTC setting. They put her on the biggest hardest floor they had, mind you she is brand new only 21 years old. She did really well for the first 90 days got a great review. Then it started another nurse started picking on her for the slightest of errors. Forgetting to sign on one place in the MAR when it was signed in the other 2 places. You know how an initial can get missed especially when you are in charge of 50 resident’s, and have a fall or an admission etc. They started riding her so much she became a nervous wreck and practically had a melt down. So they took her off the schedule and made her perdiem, and of course never called her back. Instead of giving her the assistance she needed and standing behind her they rode her right out the door. So Sad and now she is questioning whether she should be a nurse or not,. She is the most loving and caring person I know. Give her some advise here will you I am going to have her check this site out. She has gone back to working in a fast food restaurant. A sad and disquested Grandma.


    Long term care is a hard environment to work in. Your grand daughter should continue her nursing journey. She needs to research area personal care homes or apply to another home. If she gets an interview she needs to have an open discussion about her need for a mentor and her lack of experience as she is a new graduate. Having an open discussion shows a level of maturity in understanding what she needs to grow as a nurse and to be the successful person she wants to be. Quitting in NEVER an option, it gets you nowhere. Nursing is not for weenies, so tell her to buck up, speak up and get the guidance she needs. Good luck grandma!

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    I’ve been an LPN for 14 yrs. I work in LTC, I find it so sad that some nurses with experience act that way! I was lucky, I had a nurse that taught me to “thicken my skin” and politely “take no crap”. Tell your granddaughter not to give up! I agree with Ihm3, she needs to let them know she needs a mentor. The LTC facility I work at has this in policy in place, our nursing turn-overs are low. Good Luck to your granddaughter, tell her to keep her chin up and walk proud!!

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    I had a similar experience when I was a brand-new LPN as well. Another LPN rode me from the start. She pressured me & would chew me out in front of other staff & residents. But I kept on doing what I was trained to do and just tried to be nice. I learned from this lady- I learned the right way to treat the people I worked with. I also learned perseverance. Tell your granddaughter to keep up doing what she was trained to do and not to let others who are probably insecure, influence her from doing right. Keep a happy countenance and be kind to everyone.

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