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    So I have been working in the OR of an ASC. The patients who come to our facility are relatively healthy being ASA 3 or below and we mostly do small procedures (carpal tunnel, some podiatry, Back injections for pain, and endo cases) it is well known by the staff from the higher ups that we are financially struggling to stay open. Most of the nurses are over the age of 63 or so (two have turned 70 this year) except for one other nurse and me. All of our equipment is outdated and if one more piece of equipment breaks down the repair bill could totally wipe us out. At the least we most likely wouldn’t make payroll. Now they are stating they are canceling our medical/dental/ vision insurance because the owners feel it is costing them too much to insure it’s employees and because we are less than 50 employees the are not required to provide it thanks to the ACA. I recently applied for an OR position for much larger cases with a sicker patient population, got an interview, and 4 days later was offered the job for A LOT more money than I make now. Plus they are willing to train me for larger cases (including trauma) and I would get benefits as well.

    After explaining to the management at my current job that I was considering taking the new position all they have done is bad mouth the surgery department at the hospital that offered me the job. “Nobody is nice there, you will have to watch your back, ect” and have honestly scared me to the point that I’m second guessing my decision to take the position. I have no way to verify if this information is true because I know no one over there. The OR manager remembered me from the ASC because I help take care of their spouse while they were there for a procedure.

    So, I’m scared and now at a lose for what to do. What would you do in my position?


    *loss not lose. Sorry I’m a bit sleep deprived.


    Take the new job … get the extra experience … if it is too bad, you can move on with a better resume. It doesn’t sound like your current place is trying to watch your back, but just keep you stuck there. Learning new cases is a huge bonus for an OR nurse, and it doesn’t sound like your current job will last your entire career no matter if you stay or not.


    Thanks for the advice Jason. I guess I just needed someone to reassure me. As a side note when I went into work today they started in all over again. So I kept trying to find ways to end the conversation or leave the area to restock, answer a call, etc. It’s going to be a long 3 weeks, until the new job starts back up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 16 total)

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