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    I’m a new RN working in the ER withou any experience…..this ER is the third busiest in the entire country… Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I get agitated when I have a very sick patient who requires a lot of nursing care while waiting for a bed on the floor ( to be admitted) and doctors are ordering lots of medications etc for my other patients who are not very sick…., I can’t get to the orders cuz I’m working on the sickest patient….I sometimes fall apart & im unable to function optimally…..this scares me…..I like working in the ER….any suggestions.?

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    Take a breath and learn to set “your” pt care priorities. You can’t (none of us can) be everywhere at once–know this and advocate this for yourself as well as you fellow nurses. Solution, team work. Help other (sometimes this means setting the example) when they need help (without them asking) and then expect the same. How? Sell it, preach it, live it–daily. Sure, you won’t always be able to do it, but do your best. Also, learn what other nurse will buy into the team culture and then be there for each other. Bottom line: Nurse is a team-effort. If you think you can go it alone, you’ll soon find out this a recipe for burn-out. Most importantly, practice it, preach it and learn to ask for help.

    – Luis, ICU RN


    Really,as a newly qualified nurse you should have an experienced “mentor” or ” nurse buddy” to guide you for the first few months.
    The majority of a nurses skills and learning happens in the first year of qualifying and it is essential that an experienced nurse there to guide them along the way.
    Here in the UK we have something called a “preceptorship” which is a period of time for the young nurse to get to grips of transitioning from being a student to a fully fledged also protects the PIN or lisense of the other nurses who are “looking after” the young nurse.

    Just a question…l really like the mighty nurse scrub badges but cant get them in uk or on uk amazon…can any one help me?

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    Getting started is tough and you’ll only get better with time. Be patient with yourself and know that some things can wait. Once you’ve set your priority, stick with it. Sometimes if doctors keep asking you for new things you’ll feel like you have to move everything around and you’ll lose track – but keep going in order (unless it is very very urgent) and you’ll make progress. Using a mantra has helped me in the past. Something like “I can do this and if I keep going I’ll make progress” Say it to yourself over and over again when you feel overwhelmed. Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 15 total)

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