Not squeamish, why did my stomach just do a back flip?

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    I hope I can share an experience to get some feedback: I had the opportunity to observe suturing as a volunteer at my local hospital last night. I was surprised when I became woozy (flushed, tingly, nauseated) and had to leave the room! I am not squeamish in slightest so this was rather unsettling. I should have my ADN by May 2019. Has anyone else had a similar experience during the early days of school?

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    Was this the first time you observed suturing? Have you seen other similar activities such as giving a shot, etc.? If I were you, I’d give it another try or two and see if you have the same reaction…but be careful and DO be sure you don’t pass out! You could also try watching more tv programs featuring this to toughen you up. There if it gets to be too much you will already be comfortably on the couch and won’t fall over 🙂 Sometimes, oddly enough, for me it’s a little unsettling to see someone else stitching someone up, but if I do it, it’s ok. Strange, huh? Hope it works out for you! Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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