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    Just would like some fellow nurses input. Has nothing to do with nursing but with my Primary Care MD. Last week I go in for a check-up. My daughter, who is 17, had an appointment after mine to have her sports physical. I have been seeing this doctor for over 6 years and thought we had a good doctor/patient relationship because we talk shop more than anything usually unless I have a serious problem. Anyhow, I stay in the room for the first part, the question and answer session. He then takes her in exam room where he weighs her, take BP, etc. He then calls me in room to discuss her weight loss because he is concerned. We talk a few minutes, then he ask me to leave which I had no problem with that. After returning home and much thinking, I decided to do a little inspection of daughters room. My straight A high school juniors room. I find a little baggie, weed,marijuana. I was devastated. I confront her when she returns home. She cries, I cry, her mom cries and she claims she uses it to enhance her appetite. I say BS. She then informs me she told the doctor during her appointment that she smoked weed. He didn’t even attempt to tell me. Now I know there is the doctor/patient confidentiality thing but isn’t he held accountable to tell the parent if their MINOR child is using an illegal substance? If I had not done the room search I may not have ever known. Please give input or facts as to what I should do, if anything. Thank you ladies and gents. 🙂

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    That is a tricky one. Also it differs from state to state slightly. She is 17 and I am thinking that he made a judgement call since she confided in him and it is causing immediate danger to herself or anyone or what I would think is she is not being completely honest with or the doctor. I bet she never told him or said she did it once and that was long ago. Her saying it is to help her gain weight I assume by increasing her appetite kind of cements my thought on her being dishonest. I also can say with all the heroin and crack or crystal meth and pill overdoses and addiction doctors are ignoring weed being the accepted drug from the comparatively minor problems it causes. Good luck.


    In many states (most?) minors can make medical decisions regarding sex, STDs, alcohol abuse and treatment, drug abuse and treatment, HIV, and other “sensitive” issues for fear that they would not be honest with their healthcare provider if they knew their parents would be informed. I would want to know if my daughter was doing drugs, but there are plenty of issues my daughter can discuss with her PCP which I would have no right to know. There is a movement to overturn some of these teenage “rights” as the parents are still responsible for the bill. Good luck.

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    Thank you for your input Brandi 🙂

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