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    Are there any here? I work in the ER, the dumping ground of the medical field, so every call that comes in not specifically to another department ends up in the ER. We are supposed to give any medical advice over the phone, but I know some hospitals have nurse lines people can call for advice … do we have anyone here who works as a hotline nurse?

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    Hi Jason! I don’t work specifically as a hotline nurse, however, its a huge part of my job! I work as an RN in a rural health center with an ER attached that’s open 9-5. After hours, there’s a nurse on call (NOC) who takes all the emergency calls for the community (no 911 service available), triages and gives medical advice on the phone and decides if the client needs to be seen in the ER and then goes in to see that person. Based on their concern, the NOC will decide if a Dr needs to be called in or if they need another nurse, if not the clients entire care is completed by one nurse. Its a huge responsibility, but its also hugely rewarding! I love my job every single day 🙂

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    I work for a community health care center for a vast majority of patients without insurance. We triage a large amount of calls and give medical advice over the phone. My favorite call to date is the call from a man who’s wife had been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. He was incredibly upset because she was obviously cheating on him to get such a thing. I explained that BV is not sexually transmitted and how it occurs. He then asked me if he could get it. Well, fortunately for you sir, you don’t have a vagina so you should be okay. Thanks for calling though!

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