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    Briana Tully

    I am looking for questions, topics of interest etc.. from nurses for my new emergency medicine blog — EM Junction. (Really anything emergency or critical care related).

    I am a fourth year medical student who once was a nurse and paramedic and in pursuit of keeping promises from my colleagues “not to forget where I came from” I am hoping to bridge some educational gaps.

    Do you have questions about why a particular treatment is ordered? What the mechanism or rationale is? or any other thought or idea that you feel would help strengthen the nurse/physician relationships – I would love to hear about it.

    If you question is used for my blog your name will not be posted unless you give specific permission that I can. Hope to see posts on this threads or private messages. — you might be surprised what nursing school never told you.

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    I’m not sure if this is anything related. But I was just thinking…maybe you can write something about breastfeeding after delivery. Some hospitals neglect its importance, especially in my country. But since it’s August and it’s Breastfeeding month awareness, maybe you can enlighten your readers about it.

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    Awesome! I was wondering when someone would ask. I’ve been reading KevinMD and MD authored books for years. Why? Insight! When you know where members of your team have been or what they have been up against to get where they are, the better (hopefully) I can support the team and in the process make my own job a lot understandable–and easier.

    Questions and Tips:
    1. We are all part of the team, from the janitors to the Docs. Everyone has worth, and value.
    2. Take care of your team and the team will take care of you.
    3. You are always on stage and we nurses watch you like a hawk.
    4. Maintain your reputation with the nurses; we are with the pt 99% of the time—what know what’s going on.
    5. When you treat the team with respect, we will have your back 24/7
    6. Nurse want to know how Doctors Think; slow down and make the time to talk to us and tell us why you do as you do… “Rationale”
    7. When a night shift nurse calls you in the middle of the night–count to 5 and then remember they are there to support not only your patient, but you as well–be polite.
    8. When writing script, or if your unit is still using paper charting, be legible–you’ll receive fewer phone calls regarding clarification
    9. Let your guard down and let us see who your are–we truly respect that.
    10. Medicine in a Team Sport–Don’t forget the team.

    – Luis, ICU RN

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