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    Hi All!
    I’m new here. My name is Heather. I just finished a long RN refresher course and at 47 years old I really don’t know what I want to do! I know I don’t want the stress of the ICU step down floors with 6 pretty critical patients that i did before. I home school my kids so I’d really like per diem (not easy to find). I’m scared to go back to nursing; I was only a nurse for about 2&1/2 yrs. before stopping to have baby #2 and I’ve been out of it for 12 years. Any advice would be appreciated. I live in N.C.

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    So I have only been out of nursing for 5 years, but I had no experience right out of school, and I just got hired today as an RN in a long term care facility. I was researching doing RN refresher courses, but decided to try to get my foot in the door by applying for some LVN/ LPN jobs or some more “unconventional” doors. I figured with no experience (or a long gap since your last experience, kind of in the same boat) it may be easier to apply for support jobs and show that I am willing to start small and work my way up as I prove my capabilities. Anything that can get your foot in the door seems like it would be a good option! Of all that I have read of nurses who entered long term care, they really appreciated their experience and it seems like a good way to ease back into skills, patient care, and delegation, after a long break. I am terrified after 5 years, I can only imagine how you feel! Anyway, the facility that I am at has meds to pass, IV’s, assessments, charting, wound care, GT tubes…. there’s definitely no shortage of skills to practice! And it is with more stable patients so it’s not quite the crazy pace of acute care, which gives you a little more time and flexibility to ease back into things. I figured I would comment since I’ve been all over trying to figure out how to get back into nursing after being out for 5 years with no experience. Completely unrelated, but I also homeschool my kids!! So fun!


    That is really great advice and I will look into it – thank you SO much for responding; I really appreciate it! And good luck with your home schooling (yeah)!

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