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    It seems like more and more nurse are not only quitting but leaving the entire healthcare industry all together. Is there a certain reason why this is happening? Does anybody have any insight?


    The medical field is totally broken. Small clinics and hospitals are being forced out and only mega-corporations will survive and have the resources to meet all of the governmental regulations. They are more interested in profit and charting systems which provide ‘data’ and not about patient care and charting systems that are actually functional for those of us who have to use them.

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    The field has also become more interested in surveys and pleasing our patients more than healing and educating them. You can never win a popularity contest as a nurse. Our job requires that we we sometimes do things that are painful or unpleasant to our patients, but for their long term good.
    Also, I have worked in different size hospitals and different floors, all have the same issues; overloaded nurses and understaffing. This leads to early burnout. Type “A” personality nurses, like me, seem to burnout faster.

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    This has, become a ‘bottom dollar’ business, but also a consumer driven health care system. When you have patients dictating their health to dr’s and nurses, nothing good comes of it. ‘Dr. Google’ has become our enemy. There’s a difference between educating yourself and demanding as if you are laid up in the Hilton. I get so sick of the ‘I’ll see you in court if I don’t get my way because my husband’s cousin’s sister is a nurse/dr and YOU ALL ARE WRONG!!! Makes me want to become the local dog catcher.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 36 total)

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