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    How do you vent your work frustrations and/or avoid burn out? I wrote a book of Haiku about vomit, death, meth heads, and all of the other pleasant things found in the ER.

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    Traci Walls

    I try to find humor in almost everything. I’ve learned that if a person loses their sense of humor, one loses their sense of self. Occasionally, a good margarita doesn’t hurt, either!

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    I want this book Jason! Lol I visit mighty nurse and vent on here! Or I go out with fellow nurses and gripe and moan about my job and listen to them speak about theirs as well. There is nothing worse than trying to explain to someone not in the healthcare field about your shift and their eyes glaze over and they nod having no understanding lol. It’s not their fault, you just have to experience some of this craziness to understand! Lol

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    I as many of my co-workers use humor to get through the roughest parts. You HAVE to find humor or you won’t survive it. Face it…we are in by far the toughest field. It’s emotionally, physically, mentally exhausting at times. Our stress levels are off the chart caused by employers demands, pt demands, families demands, staff shortage and the threat of having your license ripped from you for any mistake you make. You have to admit we ALL make mistakes.
    When I was a charge nurse I played around when able to lighten the mood of my staff. Laughter for me really is the best medicine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)

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