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    Should facilities force nurses to cover up tattoos? It’s a hot topic in the nursing field right now and we want your opinion! Be sure and check out our nurses with tattoos gallery. (

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    I’m a nurse with a tattoo on my arm and I have no problem covering it up. There are some patients that may have a negative opinion about tattoos and I wouldnt want my choice to have some ink to affect their opinion of me in a patient care setting. Now, outside of my job as a patient advocate, stick it if you don’t like it! 🙂

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    I know it isn’t right to judge, but the fact is patients will. For this reason I believe it’s best just to cover a tat so not to offend. I also think an employer has the right to hire or not hire someone based on their appearance because we represent our employers . It should make a nurse or soon to be nurse think twice before getting a tat, piercing, or crazy hair color,

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    I happen to have several tats that I keep covered when I am at work. There was one time that I was taking care of a Nun and had a long sleeve T-shirt on under my scrubs to cover my tats and I pulled the sleeves up so I could wash my hands and she happened to see one of them and just gave me a look.. (being the bad Irish catholic that I am, I am still effected by the looks of Nuns!…I blame it on years of Catholic schools) I actually felt bad! I wonder how she would have felt about the rosary tattoo on my bicep and shoulder…

    My tats are a part of who I am and each one of them has a special meaning to me and sadly older people look at them as a stigma.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 58 total)

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