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    Have a disability? Confused about how to ask for accommodations? Need a mentor with a similar disabilty? Please visit


    Links to businesses or pimping your own product are forbiden in the forum. I have let some threads go from students asking for help with questionnaires for school, as they aren’t making money off it and just need some nurse opinions. This being a 501c3 company, I’m on the fence.

    Please create a discussion about nurses with disabilities, and if it creates traffic here, I’ll let this thread stay, but if you just created this account to post your webpage, and never return to read this, and nobody else cares enough to discuss this topic … I will remove it.

    Someday there may be a spot for people to pimp their own products, businesses, and goods, but for now, the vast majority of threads that do so get removed (by me.)

    Thanks … and I think this is an important topic, so hopefully people discuss it here (we want nurses to discuss topics here at Mighty Nurse and not just give them excuses to go someplace else to discuss important issues.)

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    Hi Jason,

    I’m sorry you feel the way you do. It was not my intention to “pimp” my work here or anywhere.

    This topic has been a huge part of my professional life…..all volunteer work. We provide scholarships every year.

    The post was meant to begin a discussion.

    Please remove the post…..


    Anonymous: I thought I was being fairly positive and stating I was leaving this here in hopes it creates a good discussion because I believe it is an important topic. I wasn’t disrespecting you or your post at all. I was just reminding people of the rule. The week before I became a moderator here, MN deleted one of my posts in which I was pimping my book. I understand their point of view on the matter, so I try to enforce the rules they have given me as fairly as I can. Because I support your cause, I”m leaving this here in hopes it does begin a good discussion.

    If you are offended by my phrase “Pimp your own product” it was not meant to offend, it is just a common expression for promoting or advertising … nothing negative was meant, as I often pimp my own work whenever I can.

    Good luck to you and I hope more nurses become aware of this issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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