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    I recently saw a TV show called “Nurse Jackie”. I watched a few episodes and the story line is basically a nurse who has two separate lives, is stealing drugs from her facility, and is just a terrible person. I find this kind of show very offensive to nurses. Putting that kind of message out there about nurses is not exactly putting patients’ faith in us. I know there are nurses out there like that but I’d like to believe most nurses are good. How do you deal with people’s skewed opinions about nurses due to TV shows, social media, etc?

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    Don’t worry about this. You can’t do anything about it. In general people know it’s not always real. Just do your job, and do it well. If anyone says anything make a joke of it in a way that reminds people TV is not generally the reality. And don’t watch that stupid show!


    While yes, there are negative portrayals of nurses on the media, think of positive ones as well. Think Carla Espinosa from Scrubs. She’s a head nurse but she’s well-respected by the doctors such as Dr. Cox, Kelso, Elliot, and J.D.

    Some people who openly bashes nurses have no idea how real world nursing works. They’re ignorant and thinks that the job is easy when it’s not. Remember, Nurse Jackie is fictional. I haven’t seen the show myself so I can’t form my opinion on it.

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    Hey Kylie33,
    I hope individuals don’t watch Netflix series to get a perspective on a career path. I think the media will do anything to earn a few bucks, and that’s why Nurse Jackie is stealing pain meds, etc. Honestly, why do they still have medical shows that show untrue or completely wrong medical interventions (this bothers me the most). Like the other posts, I wouldn’t worry about it much, perhaps you could do some patient education for someone that thinks this is how nursing is =). Just think what blood spatter analysts think about Dexter!

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