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    Should a State Board of Nursing require hospitals and medical facilities to implement a nursing uniform color coding system that would match state wide?

    Many facilities currently have implemented such a policy, for example, RNs are required to wear all white scrubs, LPNs/LVNs to wear all blue scrubs, CNAs/STNAs to wear all green scrubs, etc.

    This helps fellow staff, patients and families identify what title the individual is, or what department they work in.

    What would it be like, however, if the State Board of Nursing developed a state-wide uniform system, or just simply require hospitals implement their own uniform color code policy. Would it create more professionalism and discipline in wearing a nursing uniform? Or, would it create a hassle, and be rather unnecessary? What are your opinions on such a policy anyway?


    Firstly, I think hospitals should provide scrubs for their staff, as the amount of germs I feel are crawling all over me by the end of 12 hours in the ER makes me want to bleach my body, but that said, I think the state should stay out of micro-managing staff to the point of what we wear.

    I have heard of hospitals which have a base color for each department, like red for the ER, and then the shade of it would determine level of education, so brick red would be MDs, normal red would be RNs, pink would be CNA. Other departments would have various shades of blue or green or whatnot.

    I think it would help patients understand the role of the person in their room, but unless the hospital is going to pay for my scrubs, I don’t want them to be telling me what color I have to wear.


    They have done this at my hospital and it doesn’t help the pt whatsoever! They have no idea who is who and took
    Our individuality away. I agree- want me to wear your color then provide me the scrubs.

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    It’s very difficult at te facility I work in, as we attempted this very procedure , three weeks later HR sent duplicate memo for the F-NP PA staff … “What color are you wearing?” We howled at this as they wanted the PA staff to wear MD colors and F-NP staff to wear RN colors …. We compromised with using enlarged credentials on our name badges … Kindly we (RN NP PA MD) get to use institutional laundry services

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 29 total)

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