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    I was accepted to a state university online program but want to know
    What other nurses think of all the online options. What’s really good
    And has clout? Phoenix, Chamberlin, western governors.
    I need advice from peeps around the country

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    Hi, Tammy congratulations on continuing your education. This day and time there are so many nurses returning to school and the online programs are great. I am a graduate of The University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science program and currently looking into several of the universities out there that have the Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis on Education and plan on returning to school in a few months.
    For me the online program was the way to go, I am not good at sitting for long periods of time and find my mind wondering when I am in a structured class. The online was the way to go for me I could do my course work anytime of the day or night I wanted to and could do it in the refines of my home and didn’t have to worry about dressing or wear and tare on the car. I was also able to access my school from any computer. The classes were small and the students were from all over the country and even overseas and I learned a great deal from them as well as the nursing instructors were working full time jobs also and had families.
    University of Phoenix nursing program is built around questions being posted by the instructor and you had to respond to them a certain amount of times and you had to log in a certain amount of times a week, also you had group projects as well as individual work to do. It was a neat way to learn what other nurses were doing across the universe in many different settings.
    Hope this helps,
    Good luck to you, Janet

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    After getting a 50K Masters in teaching at a private university like Phoenix, I am sticking with a state school online program for my RN-BSN degree. It will cost about 5K BIG difference. I took a bunch of classes online while in Nursing school and I loved it.


    Friend at work went to excelsior online recently and has nothing but trouble. After finishing the program, several months ago, the school has still not submitted the paperwork that will allow her to sit for the NCLEX. Trying to contact them has been a hassle for her, and she finally got the story, and oops, they thought they had sent the paperwork, but never actually did, almost a year out. The rumor is that in the near future, Washington State wont accept degrees from excelsior, so whichever school you go to, online or real, make sure your state will accept it. Good luck. I started an RN to BSN program through Jacksonville University while in the army reserves, but it cost way too much, even with tuition assistance, and it was a big time suck, so I dropped out once I decided I didn’t need a BSN to make MAJ since I wasn’t going to stay in for 20 years anyway.

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