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    With the big push against CAUTI’s, we were told to use condom caths whenever possible. Now, we are required to get an order for a condom cath. Is anyone else dealing with this? Does anyone know of a study to support this? Just having trouble wrapping my mind around this since it is non-invasive.

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    At my facility, they don’t require at order, but most of our patients have Foleys for strict Is&Os (ICU). I guess my thought is that while I agree with you, BUT playing devil’s advocate here, BiPap/CPAP are considered non-invasive treatments as well, so I guess just because it’s non-invasive doesn’t mean it shouldn’t need an order. I totally get what you’re saying though =P

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    The condom Cath does have risks as far as skin integrity is concerned if not applied correctly. I have also seen nurses apply them with benzoin and cause skin tears. Best bet is to create a protocol as to what patients qualify and try to get a standing order started.

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