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    I am in my final semester of nursing school and am currently precepting. I have had recently an experience that was interesting. I wasn’t sure if I handled it correctly, so I need some advice for when it happens again, I am sure it will happen again. So the door is closed, the curtain is closed, I knock and as I am entering I am saying something like, “Patients name how are you doing?” Well he was masturbating and doing fine in many aspects but I needed to complete a task before I could report in a few minutes. If someone has any experience in the best way to handle this situation I would love to know what to do or say.

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    awkward…. I did not have any experience on this situation but I’d say , ” oh I forgot to give my other patient her pain medication I’ll be right back”, to make him think you did not see anything and give him his privacy. The next time you come in maybe knock a little louder and ask ” can I come in?” and don’t enter until he says so 🙂

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    We were just in our geriatrics class the other day when our instructor told us that this is not an uncommon situation. She said if this were to ever happen to us we should give them some privacy, leave the room, give them a few minutes and when we go back act like it never happened.

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    Sexual health is just as important as mental and physical needs. Second only to our need to survive. It is wise to encourage a patient and significant other to discuss needs and expectations, Awkward, yes. But being matter of fact and professional will help address needs that are often overlooked. Just leave quietly and return later.

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