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    The day is coming in which the amount my hospital will receive from medicare is based on how well we score on patient surveys.

    Do you think this is a great idea and will encourage everyone to provide each patient with the best possible care, or do you think this is the dumbest idea ever (or somewhere in-between)?


    Most of these are Likert survey’s with the answers ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly agree, or “how many times would you say…” with very little space to provide specific information for the patients answers. What bothers me, are the surveys that will come in that are bad because the patient didn’t get their pillow fluffed every 15 minutes, the call light wasn’t answered in 10 seconds or less, they weren’t given the pain medication they were seeking in the ER (we all know the type, “I’m allergic to everything but the one that I think starts with a D”, the blanket wasn’t warm enough according to their standards, etc.

    While I agree that the hope is to improve communication, respect between patients and their providers, it doesn’t take into account the actual care the patient was provided, but how the patient perceived their care. Lets face it, most of the people who will fill these out and send them in are the ones that will be complaining about something, not complimenting the care, hospital or staff, and I doubt that medicare will really call to investigate why the patient was not happy, just ding the facility.

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    I think it’s stupid. Patients nowadays act like they are staying in a 5 star hotel and want everyone to wait on them hand and foot. Diabetics and their families bring in candy and cookies and we aren’t allowed to take them away. All we can do is remind them (because they already know the consequences) that high blood sugar causes damage to internal organs and slows down the healing process. So when their foot has to be cut off they blame the hospital. Patients act helpless and hospital staff end up with back injuries because of it. It’s a wonder anyone wants to become a nurse anymore. The healthcare industry has gone downhill since I became a nurse almost 20 years ago. Sad, sad, sad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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