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    Nan Julian

    First let me say I am an old retired RN. I recently retired after working 35 years. I miss working and am considering part time employment. Ok….my pet peeve is student nurses or young nurses who wear their long hair down. I have worn long hair all my life. In my professional life my hair was always up and back. I was taught long hair hanging down is unprofessional and unsanitary. (On a personel note I recently asked a young nurse to put her hair back after she cared for my Mom and repeatedly draped her hair on my Mom). What is your opinion? Also do any of you have any pet peeves?


    It is the policy of my nursing school that hair is pulled back and is not to touch the shoulders. Many of the older nurses where I work in an ICU do not wear their hair pulled back, and is shoulder length.
    It’s not just young nurses, and especially not student nurses.


    Most places, in the medical field, require hair to be pulled up if it’s past your shoulders. I agree with you. I have seen many young nurses, and students, wearing their hair down. It’s disgusting! I do wound care and I can’t imagine my hair falling into an open wound. It’s called being professional and if you can’t handle that it’s time to work in another field.


    Ugh! Big pet peeve of mine too. I’ve worked in a nursing home for 8 years and several times I’m the one that has to say “do you have a hair tie? If not I’ll find you a rubber band”. Doesn’t take many rubber bands before they learn to tie it up before they come on the floor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 16 total)

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