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    Hello everyone,

    There is a We the People Petition circulating about safer ratios. The main reason for the petition is to bring awareness of unsafe staffing issues to the public, and hopefully get a response. Please sign and share. We need 100,000 by October 19. Not much time.

    Gracela Ramos

    We need safe nurse=patient ratios . Let the lawmakers step in the shoes of a nurse for one day so that they can see how the reality is.

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    Melissa Gangi

    Nurses are overworked as it is, increasing our nurse to patient ratios will only decrease the amount of care given to their patients thus leading to a decrease in positive outcomes and reviews. It is not fair to either the patient or the nurse. We do so much more than handing out medications and baths. We care for the mind, body and sometimes even the soul of each patient we come across. It’s not just physical, sometimes it’s all emotional. Patients are sometimes frightened and need to know that we are able and willing to explain everything to them, we educate, we hold hands, we cry with them. We have family members that have a ton of questions and we need to understand that they need answers or explanations sometimes. So, increasing our ratios will lesson all of the above. And not to mention, but we are human and at times even a RN can make a mistake. Unfortunately, our mistakes can lead to more than a wrong transaction. We are dealing with people’s lives. Step in our shoes one day. Or be a patient that needs open heart surgery and ask yourself do I want a nurse that can focus on me, is she watching the monitors to prevent deadly arrhythmias, was her assessment thorough to know if I might be at risk of heart failure, did she concentrate when checking my orders to ensure that I receive what my Doctor perscibed, was their enough time for her to address my concerns or fears? I could go on and on but I wont. Increasing our ratios will definitely lead to burnt out nurses and poor patient outcomes!!!

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    Melissa Gangi I am a little confused by your response. The petition is for safer ratios whether it is based on acuity or a mandated ratio. Currently there are 2 laws that have been introduced asking for safer staffing. This petition is actually calling for less patients per nurse. A group of nurses have gotten together because studies have shown that for every extra patient a nurse has the increase of risk for major patient complications. This is not advocating for more patients.

    Furthermore, I am a Registered nurse who has dealt with unsafe staffing. I want safer ratios. By signing this petition and sharing this petition it just brings public awareness to this dangerous issue. Public awareness is important because many of our patients do not know what is going on. This could spur patients to demand that the hospital is staffed safely. We are also letting our legislators and president know that we want safer working conditions. Hence, I encourage people to sign and share. We have to get 100,000 by October 19.

    I am just very curious about your response, and I wonder if you even read the petition. I will read my text before the website to make sure I have not stated anything confusing.

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