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    I taught myself how to use the portable ultrasound to assist me in starting IVs in the ER, but I have never gone through a formal PICC line class, like some of the nurses at my hospital have done. It looks like fun, and we could use more of them in our hospital, but it seems easier for staffing to cover one of the other departments and tie up one of their nurses for a while doing the PICC line.

    Any good advice from nurses who use ultrasound or other assist tools to start IVs? Have tried the near infrared light device, and while I thought it was cool, it didn’t really help me find that many good veins I couldn’t see or feel already, unlike the ultrasound which is really helpful for finding deeper veins in heroin users.

    Any other cool procedures anyone does using technology?

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    We have one of those lights but it doesn’t help me at all! Lol if you have to turn out the lights to use it I’m blinded when they come back on lol! I start by seeing the veins so I’m lost on African American or dark skinned people and those whose veins run deep. We have a dedicated picc team so that’s what we do..call them for piccs. For ivs we try twice then ask for help. Sometimes our icu nurses come and try if not too busy. Sorry no better help :(.

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    I’ve recently begun to use ultrasound to do ABG sticks as well. This is particularly useful in larger patients. You just have to remember that you’re aiming for the vessel WITH the pulse this time!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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