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    I was hoping that this could be signal boosted. MTV is planning on having a show premiere on October 24th that will follow travel nurses as they save lives and party (basically “Jersey Shore” with nurses). As a nurse, I think this portrayal of the nursing profession is detrimental to who we are and what we do.

    Please take time to sign the petition and/or email the execs at MTV and let them know this isn’t right.

    To email the execs, go the FB page Cancel Scrubbing In on MTV! It would be great if we can get as many nurses as possible to tell MTV how we feel.

    Link to the Petition:
    Link to the FB Page:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and take action!


    Not to go off topic with the first reply … but it may be stating my age, but I remember when MTV actually played music videos. Oh Martha, I miss you.

    As far as the show goes … I’ve never been a fan of ‘reality shows,’ especially MTV quality reality shows. It is going to be horrific and filled with drama and totally scripted. I personally wouldn’t be watching it no matter what the ‘spin’ was they were doing. I think it is unfortunate that the new spin is the party girl nurse, but the Hollywood perception of nursing has always been screwed up.

    As far as the petition goes … I’m not convinced I’ll sign it yet. In most cases I think people have the right to air and view total crap, and I’ll vote by not watching it … then again, I’m no longer in MTV’s target demographic anyway, so they probably won’t care.

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    I miss Martha, too! I agree, I’m voting by refusing to watch it and not allowing discussion in class about it, nor discussing it on my social media accounts. And yes, Jason, I’m also not in MTVs target demographic, either.

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    Allen Bright

    Whether you like it or not, watch or not this show is bringing attention to the profession of Nursing. Nurses are human and live just like anyone else. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. We just do not sensationalize it on cable TV. The DRAMA is what sells the show. Not that I agree with the behaviors this show protrays, but I have not seen an of the nay says witch hunting this show scripting out a series that is TRUE. Nurses are no longer those servants to doctors as showcased in movies and tv shows of the past. So I challenge you,to instead of petitioning the cancellation of the show ,maybe use it’s popularity to continue with a better more REALITY script!!

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