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    hi everyone- I had an interview about 1 month ago for my DREAM job in pediatrics- I am a new grad RN so I would be lucky to get this. The interview went well and I followed up with HR about a week after and she had said the manager was still making a decision. A few days after my phone call, I got an email asking for my references (this is a good sign because my other classmates who got hired at this hospital got the same email). It has now been one week since I submitted my references, three weeks since I contacted HR, and a month since my interview. I want to contact either HR or the manager but I also don’t want to be too pushy. Any advice? Thanks


    It has only been a week since the last event took place … give them time to contact your references. Showing you are interested is good … and you have done that. You have shown you are interested in following up with them by submitting your references … I would give them at least another week if not two before contacting them … then again, I haven’t obtained a new job in a LONG time, so maybe someone else can explain why contacting them now is a good idea?

    Good luck.


    I graduated 4 years ago and as a new RN it took some work to get hired (I got hired 2 months after graduation). I currently work in the ED but interviewed for OB/maternity Aug 26th it took 5 emails and 2 phone calls to receive an official offer letter Oct 10th. There was a lot of miscommunication with HR and the nurse manager and myself. Every week I called or emailed the nurse manager (alternated one week with a call the next email). I finally emailed HR and they were able to sort everything out. OB is my dream job and I wasn’t letting it slip out of my hands. If you want it go for it! Keep in contact they won’t jot hire you because you inquire frequently !! Good luck


    Absolutely.I am an RN, and I would rather work with a CNA who is keobledgnawle and cares about the job than someone who is ONLY using it as a stepping stone. Nursing is tough, and if I did not love it, and want to be a nurse from the time I was a little girl, it would have been impossible.Actually, the last clinical job I worked was as a dialysis nurse, and I have the same comment a great tech made the day go very well. Things were organized, I did not have to worry about the patients, because I knew they were well cared for.One thing is check the salary when one of the techs, who was my friend, told me what she was making, I was appalled. It was around 12/hr. Techs have much responsibility, and can affect the patient either very positively or very negatively.I believe that the right career path for you is the one where you enjoy your job, and do not hate getting out of bed each day.I wish you the best!

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