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    When you precept a new nurse, do you follow them around and watch everything, or do you let them go and do their thing and just act as a resource as needed? If I trust the nurse, I tend to be fairly hands off, as it drove me crazy to have people watch my every move when I was new.


    I tend to do a little of both. One of my precepties (sp?) spent one day doing pre-op paperwork with another nurse while I had to scrub because someone called out. But the next day she was I walked her through the paperwork for TFESI’s and had her watch me do 3 or 4 IV starts. Then I handed them off to her. We had 19 patients that day and she was never going to get the chance to start that many IV’s again for awhile, so I handled the intake and charted vitals while she started IV’s. The intake paperwork is the same no matter what the cases are so I wanted her up and running for IV starts. She did fantastic once she got over the initial fear of sticking people. After that I just stood by and if she needed me I would help out, but my goal was to get her to start thinking for herself and to become confident in her skills as a new grad.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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