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    Hi, all!

    I graduated from nursing school last month, scheduled NCLEX in August.
    I have my first job interview coming up next week,and I really, really want to get this job. In our area there are three nursing schools with only three hospitals around, so you can imagine the competition is brutal, especially for the new grads. As I preparing for my first interview, I came across this common question: “Why should we hire you”. I understand you supposed to sell yourself, saying how highly motivated you are, quick learner, self-starter, etc. My question is: Should I mention that as a child growing up in the USSR I was vaccinated from smallpox? Will it make me more valuable nurse in case of bioterrorism? Just curious.
    I appreciate your response.


    Smallpox vaccine isn’t going to help you. All the nurses older than I (ever shrinking number) had the smallpox vaccine as a kid. Most everyone who was ever deployed with the military probably has been vaccinated for it as well. The HR person isn’t going to know much about smallpox other than it is an exterminated bug, kept only in labs, so it isn’t going to come in handy. Those that do think and k now anything about bioterrorism will know that the strain that would be used has been modified and the vaccines which have been given probably won’t be as effective as we would like.

    They are going to be looking for what you can bring to the table every day, not about what you could bring in case a very rare and unlikely event happened.

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    Ok, I won’t mention it then:)

    Thank you for your answer, Jason


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