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    In the ER, if someone has a friend or family member come in, and needs some type of procedure, such as an IV start or whatnot, the staff member who knows them typically excuses herself and allows another staff member to do it, but when a staff member comes in, someone we all work with every day, then what?

    We are used to giving each other flu shots and TB tests (never let someone from admin poke you with a needle, even if they have RN after their name,) but do any of you get nervous if you have to start an IV or do something more invasive on a friend?

    Think the most nervous I have been at work is when one of the docs brought in his newborn who needed lab draw and IV start and he asked for me … just remember thinking, “don’t blow this one, don’t blow this one.” Thankfully I got it on the first poke.

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    A coworker of mine at a military hospital had severe post-op urinary retention. She was a young, generously-sized RN, and knew that she was going to need a foley catheter placed. She asked for me to place it, since I had the most experience with women’s health/GYN in the ED. My hands were shaking as I put it in (difficult placement requiring a 1/2 speculum), just because I was friends with the patient.
    Twice, I’ve helped deliver babies of friends – not nearly so much pressure, since the Mom is really doing all the work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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