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    Our ER is getting killed with patients because the local clinics have all been bought out by the hospital and forced to use a slow computer charting system, so instead of seeing 8 patients per hour, they are seeing one or two per hour. They also book up with routine visits and have no room to see sick patients that call for an appointment, so they tell them to come to the ER. Last month I had to renew a script, and it was denied because I hadn’t seen my PCP in over a year. I called and asked why the pharmacy said I was fired as a patient, and they said I was still welcome to make an appointment, but they wouldn’t renew any scripts without a visit, so even though my condition has been stable for years, I had to take one of their few slots with the doctor that day instead of them seeing someone who actually needed to see the doctor, just forcing one more person to the ER.

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    As a provider the MD who calls in or writes the script for you is liable, period. So many things can change in a years time, most docs do want you to go to a check up once a year. I wouldn’t be comfortable to just keep giving out scripts for meds for a longer period of time without seeing them if I were a doc. Whether its BP meds, cholesterol meds, or something simple like prilosec. Or even an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety med. you want to see how your patient is doing. Sounds like you need a good GP. Did the hospital buy out all of the urgent care clinics or regular practice type clinics. I can’t imagine why the hospital would buy out GP clinics. Urgent care clinics, yes. Just strange. And if you need your script then donnt worry about it, keep the appointment and don’t worry about it. Pharmacies, doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, all healthcare providers have to CYA. You can understand that right? 😉 🙂


    My PCP is awesome … one of the best docs I have worked with, but I was just frustrated about the policy (which I believe is a law) about requiring a visit to continue filling scripts. Mostly I am frustrated that the new computer system has slowed the clinics down so much that the ER is getting killed with the excess.

    The hospital did buy all of the clinics in the area, family practice, ortho, etc. There is an urgent care clinic which hasn’t been bought, but it is ran by a PA who doesn’t have privileges at the hospital.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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