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    As Nurses . it’s better To hold on not to be in Relationship or love story in Work Place >
    Actually It’s Difficult , Hurts , Broke Your Heart and life.
    Better To concentrate on Your work and Avoided That >>>


    I have only dated someone I work with twice … both ended in disaster. I recommend keeping finding someone who is in a related field or at another facility, so you can blow off steam by talking shop at home, but don’t get involved with a co-worker, IMHO. I have also been in a relationship with someone who would not tolerate my stories of scrotal maggots or projectile vomit over dinner, that doesn’t work either.

    Finding someone who can support you as a nurse, but whom you don’t work with can be a challenge. I suppose I’ll just stay single until I can afford to not be a nurse any longer, which, according to my retirement manager, should be about 6 years after I die.

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    I’ve seen some nurse couples (or healthcare worker couples) get along quite well. I have also seen it go terribly wrong. I’ve seen female nurses ruin their careers over jealousy of their man in a female dominated profession, and it’s not pretty. I think it would be great to have a mate that totally understood your crazy conversations, and ordeals and dilemmas at work, but if jealousy is your thing don’t bother because women love to stir up trouble and healthcare is full of women that’s for sure. Lol

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    from My experience thy never stay for long time specially when thy are working together what ever thy trust on each other >>> i have done this before i really get hurt only >> broken heart broken life
    my advice is >>>
    Stay away better No Need To involve this meter in your work to continue your work with save mind and doing a nice job >>
    or be honest go on relationship feel on love let love being but don’t promos You’r partner by anything it will be nice >>
    some time we till lyre to our partner cuz we afraid to lost theme >> but we get mor problem after that >>> >>>>

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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