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    I am an RN returning to work after being away from the field for a little over twenty years. (I was homeschooling my kids). I finished the Nurse Refresher class and have completed the NIH Stroke Scale Assessment certification. I have applied several places, but so far have been passed over. Does anyone know of a nurse who was away from the field for a long time and returned work. I need a success story to encourage me.

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    I have a close friend who was away from nursing for 15 years while she had a family. She took a refresher course and I hired her in a patient education department. She even got certification in this specialty field. It was a wonderful experience and she is still working in this field 8 years later. You have a lot of life experience that will be valuable to who ever hires you! Good luck!


    I applaud you for your courage. I think that you will find that things have changed a bit. You won’t have to calculate drip rates on IV’s. You may have to contend with young nurses that don’t have the same work ethic as you. I don’t think I am trying to crush your goal. I do want you to know how it might be.

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    I know someone who did return after 20 years…she works as a hospice RN at her local hospital and she likes it…been there 2 yrs now I think so yes it is possible. She had a network of comrades you may need that too. Call all your working rn friends.

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