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    My biannual reviews also determine if we get raises, including the cost of living raise. The last review was not what I had expected. I was deemed an unsatisfactory nurse because I was told I missed a vaccination and because I do not punch out for lunch often enough. Reviews are coming up again and I have been diligent about the vaccinations and clocking out even if I do work through the half hour lunch they want us to take, please advise.


    If your review will determine a pay raise, you can expect a bad review. No matter which areas you have improved on, they will find something to ding you with. I also think it is total BS that the first time you hear about a deficiency is at a review. If it is a big enough problem that they will not give you a pay raise, then they should have informed you of the problem as soon as they noticed it and not wait until the review, to give you time to improve. If you get another bad review over things they have never mentioned before, you will know for certain they are doing it because of the money issue. If they give you a bad review over things you have been called to the office over, then you don’t really have much grounds to argue, but it is probably still BS.

    If it is the first case and you are part of a union, I would grieve it, if you are not part of a union, you can ask why it is at your official eval in which they mention it for the first time, but medicine is totally broken and it is all about the money now. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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