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    Please help me. I am writing a PICO paper. My topic is below. The trouble I am having is finding a survey with data collected regarding Patient Satisfaction as it relates to nurses’ education or experience. Considering how hot this topic is, I expected to find many polls on the topic. However, I have yet to see a PATIENT survey regarding the topic. If you have any insight, please advise.

    Do nurses who begin careers with a BSN or obtain a BSN within 3 years of achieving license provide higher patient care satisfaction than diploma-RN or ASN educated nurses with five or more years experience?

    Problem: Education of nurses

    Intervention: Level of education

    Comparison: Experience

    Outcome: Satisfaction of patient care

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    That is a really specific study to be looking for. I have seen patient safety looked at but not patient satisfaction. Good luck

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    Using scholar.google.com and keywords patient satisfaction nurse degree I found a classic 1975 article. Then I looked at articles that cited it I found a lot!


    Look at various studies used by hospitals to justify going for magnet status. There is proof that BSN nurses do EVERYTHING better than ADN nurses in every measurable way. Of course these comparisons are comparing large hospitals with every service known to man who are on the verge of going to magnet status vs small hospitals with very few services in house. I have read many of these studies that PROVE BSN nurses are better, but most of them use statistics to state what they want them to state, but it seems like apples and oranges to me. I’ve never seen a good study that looks at what you are after, but I have seen some bad ones that you should be able to find online.

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